store bought vs homemade

When C was off for about 3 weeks friends gave us some canned goods and stuff to get us through.  we still have some left.  Yesterday the kids were being especially unruly (I think baby girl is getting some back teeth which makes everyone irritable).  I decided to make the kids some canned ravioli for lunch and I had some clam chowder.  I remember even 3 years ago when I used to LOVE that stuff.  It used to be a treat I would eat, like a comfort food.  Ever since cutting out preservatives and eating more locally and home grown I find that I have completely lost my taste for these foods.  Everything tasted fake and metallic.  So I started thinking, how can I make homemade meals that I can make quickly for the kids for lunch, or even dinners when we are in a hurry.

I love the idea of ravioli.  It’s protein, carbs, and vegetables all in one easy to manage package.  How can I make ravioli so i can make it in 15 min or less?  I can’t make fresh ravioli whenever the kids are hungry.  Oh how google is my friend.  I found a pretty nifty way to freeze the ravioli right after making it, before cooking it.  You just place them on a floured towel on a baking sheet and put it in the freezer.  i would probably use a flour sac towel so you dont get towel fuzzies on your pasta.  once it is frozen I would then break out our vacuum sealer  and make some bags o’ ravioli.  That way i just have to heat up some of our homemade spaghetti sauce, throw in the ravioli, and voila!  Lunch!  and it doesn’t taste like cardboard.  The best part?  i can probably make 2-4 days worth in one batch and it would only cost me the cheese and whatever i put in it.  probably broccoli or spinach.  I’ll have to make these this weekend. I’m hungry now, for real food.

BTW: The curried sweet potato soup was fantastic!  It calls for chicken stock which i did not have so i made rabbit stock!  it was SOOOO good!!!  total cost of food for the day $0  total saved $0.

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