The end of week 1

I should know by now not to doubt the amazingness of life.  God does wonderful things and it’s when I give up trying to control things that He always comes through for me.  I started writing this post yesterday.  This is what it said:

Welcome to the end of week 1.  The super frustrating end to week 1.  My goal was to sell $500 so I could finally have $200 in savings.  I have sold $257.  A little more than half.  I had 3 parties booked at the beginning of the week which was really exciting for me.  all i needed was for 1-2 to hold and I could most likely reach my goal.  None of them held.  not one.  This rarely happens that so many things cancel.  It’s tough because I know people are going through stuff, especially this close to the holidays, but I needed this win.  I really did.  I needed to be able to say that i had this goal and I hit it.  I know that this is the first week of MANY, but at the same time  i would really like to be able to have something to show for this project by now.  Instead I think we owe more money than we did when we started.  The most frustrating part is that I am TRYING so hard to get people on board with my goal that they are rooting for me and wanting to help out (and by the way, if you cancel an appointment with, well, basically anyone, then post pictures of you partying with your friends it’s really kinda hurtful so don’t do it.  Either tell them the truth of why you are canceling or don’t post the pictures).

I saved this entry, cried, then went to sleep totally and completely deflated.

Then welcome to Saturday! The actual last day of the week.  This is a great lesson for you all, and one that I should have learned by now.  Don’t count anything as a loss until you are actually at the loss.  Until it is 11:59pm on the last day.

Aside from (so far) selling $300 this week (still $200 short but that’s cool), I went to the mailbox and found a check for an account I had paid off last year.  Apparently they decided that I had overpaid the account by quite a bit.  So here we are, the last day of week 1 and (so far) we have raised (drumroll please…….)

$250!!  That’s $50 more than my original goal!!  we may actually end this month with $500 saved.  I think I would FREAK OUT if we did.  LETS DO THIS!!!

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