We went back…

So given the amazing yay free money we received yesterday we decided to go back to Lucky’s and complete our shopping experience. My budget? $40. Maybe $60. (I am doing this blog to show myself as well as others how you can live well in very little). C’s budget? ?????? He really has no issue spending $80, $100, $150 (if we had the money to do so). I on the other hand would have a Heart attack, a complete fall down at the register call 911 heart attack if we ever spent $150 on food at one time. I just cannot fathom that. To me, that’s like a months worth of food. That’s gonna go bad I guarantee it.

We didn’t spend $150. We did however spend $80, which to me is still heart attack worthy but C eased my mind a bit because almost nothing we got was for immediate consumption. We got tons of veggies, we are freezing 2 bags Of Brussel sprouts, dehydrated 2 bags of cranberries, 2 bags of mushrooms, he bought a $10 steak roast that he had the deli slice thin and he is currently dehydrating that into jerky (he makes the most OMG amazing jerky…). I did buy bacon to make this week. Their in house nitrate free bacon is $5.99 a lb. WHAT?!?!? That’s crazy! I couldn’t pass that up. We got a couple more inexpensive things of cheese, another load of bread, a big thing of expeller pressed oil because we have no oil in the house at the moment, a 2lb roll of Amish butter. … Yes, I said that correctly. A 2lb ROLL of Amish butter. Give me just a moment to regain my composure, I’m drooling… Ok, I’m back now. Oh, those potatoes I was telling you about, which I was incorrect in the last posting, they are 2 5lb bags for $3. Cabbage, treats for the kids cause they were super good and we didn’t go to Kroger who gives free cookies (sorry kids). Sour cream, tortillas, raisins, I’m not sure what else because it’s currently 2 am and I’m up after getting up with the boy again because OMG he moves in his sleep more than any other person I have ever met in my entire life and can’t get back on his pillow without someone helping him, and thinking about food. But anyway, it was $80 worth of a lot of stuff that will last for a while. We made sure that we wouldn’t need to return to the store for another 2 weeks ( although I am going on the 1st to get the flour I still didn’t get yesterday because we didn’t NEED flour but 2 bags of it will probably last us at least 4-6 months).

Meals we can now make:
Tuna salad
Salmon cakes
Chicken salad
Bacon roasted cabbage (yum yum)
Chili (which usually lasts about 4 nights)

Plus we have snacks
Beef jerky
Dried cranberries (sugar free)
Homemade granola

So I don’t feel so bad. Everything we bought will be put to good use in the next 2 weeks and even beyond that. So spending $130 on food in 2 days isn’t so bad. Plus we have food. Like, breakfast, lunch, and dinner food. I can handle that.

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