I’m sick…

I’m sick, which almost never happens. It used to. I used to get sick at least 6 times a year. In the past four years I have been sick maybe twice each year? What do I attribute to this? I’m not sure, I’m no doctor and I’m not about to tell people how to live.

That being said… First off about 4 years ago I stopped using harsh cleansers. To clean my house I use a mixture of water dawn and vinegar. To wash laundry I use borax, washing detergent, and dawn.

Second I started eating better. I cut out preservatives and started eating “clean”. Which I think also helped boost my immune system.

The final thing is when I start to get sick I take organic apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”). I drink about a shot glass full once, maybe twice a day.

So yesterday I started to feel sick. I rested on the couch all day and drank my vinegar. Today I woke with some general aches and some nasal discomfort but nothing like what I used to suffer from. I’m still out of sorts, still sick, and still going to sleep through the day. But at least I can rest knowing I should be back to normal tomorrow.

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