One Step Forward…

I’m sure you all know the saying, one step forward two steps back.  Well, right now it’s more like half a step back, or maybe two steps forward one step back.  I have the hardest time with saving money BECAUSE if I dont remove the money from my account as soon as I get it then I somehow feel secure in the fact that we have a little bit of extra money so we spend more than we have.

So we in essence rob peter to pay paul, per se.  I have $150 that I sold last week that I havent gotten paid for yet.  so I know I have that money.  I have put aside $150 of the $250 and the rest of the $100 is coming from the $150 I still have yet to be paid, so I shouldn’t feel bad.  I keep telling myself I shouldn’t feel bad but I do.  I do feel bad.  I feel like I lied to you guys because I don’t have the full $250 I claimed last week.  This is so frustrating.  It’s the frustrating part of having a business like this, because there still is this chance that the rest of the $150 wont come through and I will feel that much worse.  I can’t think about that, I’ll look at the bright side of things, we definitely have $150.  Yay for that!  Actually we definitely have $200, i sold $60 today and have the money.

My goal this week (actually my goal for this week plus a day because I am counting the 30th), is to sell $500 and put aside another $200 for our savings, that would be amazing.  So far I have $60 towards that goal and I am having a BIG black friday sale.  PLUS C is displaying his business at the local coffee shop for small business saturday.  He makes things out of leather, like bags, holsters, bracelets, hair things, archery equipment, etc.  He is really talented.  His business is called Wildland Outfitters and he is on facebook.  Check him out !  We are hoping he sells something on saturday.  That would be nice.  Not banking on it though.  Things like that are hit or miss.

Well all, have a safe Thanksgiving, we will be doing nothing.  Neither of us have family here and the boy and oldest girl are with their other parents for thanksgiving so it will just be the two of us and baby girl.  We will probably have a small dinner and watch a bunch of movies, we are thankful we have this much though! God bless!

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