The official end of Month 1!

We have made it to the official end of Month 1!!

How did we do?


It was really touch and go for a while.  It took me selling a ton of product for black friday and I had a party on the last day of the month which finished up our last $50 of the $400 savings goal.

Now I know, $400 isn’t much in the grand scheme of $5000, however, considering this was a short month (we only started saving about two and a half weeks ago), and momentum tends to grow exponentially, i’m pretty excited about our savings.  The best part?  It’s safety tucked away where nobody can touch it.  I can’t overspend it from my account, or take money out with the hopes of someday paying it back.  It’s done, put away, not to be seen again until May.  That money does not exist except in the idea of this land we are buying.

You know what the best part of this month has been?  Realizing that we can do ANYTHING we put our minds to.  We went from having zero savings, living paycheck to paycheck, not knowing how we were going to buy gas to get to work, or food to feed ourselves, to having $400 tucked away. That’s HUGE!

This next month that we have just begun has a far more ostentatious goal.  We are looking to raise another $1100, bringing the grand total savings to $1500.

Why is the goal so much larger than the previous goal?  Christmas!  We are forgoing Christmas presents to each other, and asking everyone who intends to give us gifts to give us cash towards the goal.  My thoughts are that I will put away $600-$700 while christmas will count for $400-$500.  Of course I really shouldn’t be relying on Christmas at all because I don’t want to expect anyone to give us anything, but I can still ask and hope.

I’ll worry about that later, for now I’m going to bask in the glory of meeting a goal!!!!

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