Change the world?

My sister-in-law posed a very interesting question today.  She asked if it was easier, “to change myself to better fit into the world or to change the world to fit me?”.  Which started a really interesting conversation.  My response was “The easiest way to change the world is to change yourself first. To be an example to others and not falter in that when pushed the other way.”  It really got me thinking.

I think it is completely possible for people to change.  Not only to change but to change in major ways in fairly short periods of time.  I think in order to do so the person needs to, either willingly or unknowingly, change their belief system.   With me it happened when I had an experience which made me realize my own mortality.  I have also seen people change from taking a class, going on mission trips, volunteering, or in general doing something that causes them to see their world in a different way.

My epiphany made me realize that I had to stop being selfish.  I had to stop thinking that the world owes me something.  If I wanted to be happy I would have to make that happiness myself instead of blaming everything else around me for not being happy.  I think it’s an essential part of life to change.  If everyone stayed the same then the world would be a very rigid and unfriendly place.

I also believe that changing for the better and sharing that change with others, being an example, can start a change in the world.  One person cannot change the world, but all you really need to do to start a change is make a difference in one persons life.  Help that person see their world differently.  If I honestly didn’t believe that people, or the world, could change I wouldn’t be doing this project.  This isn’t just a selfish endeavor.  I don’t want us to build this property and not share this lifestyle with others.  I want show people how they can break this cycle of consumerism and debt.  I realize that most people aren’t going to change because of our project, but if we can make a difference to one other person, if we can help one other person become self sufficient and reduce stress, it’s totally worth it to me.

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