We are officially moving!!

We got the word last night that we have been approved to move into our friend's cabin that is about 10 minutes from the property!!!  It's a really nice, large cabin that's probably close to the size of the house we are currently living in.  This is perfect for us because we wont have to … Continue reading We are officially moving!!

How to raise children on a budget- my version

I have been coming across a lot of articles lately titled something like "raising a child on a budget" or something along those lines.  So apparently this is a fairly hot topic right now.  I do have to say that too many of the articles are written more from the perspective of someone who really … Continue reading How to raise children on a budget- my version

Semi Annual Cleaning and meal planning

Twice a year I get fed up and clean the fridge. Don't get me wrong, I don't scrub it or anything, that's crazy talk.  I go through and throw out all the gross stuff that isn't edible anymore.  Food that was never eaten, leftovers that were forgotten about, i even found an old mummified avocado … Continue reading Semi Annual Cleaning and meal planning

Is Entitlement Generational?

A friend posted a really interesting article today, it was from the Business Insider and it was about who the most entitled generation is.  I will summarize but I wont go into great detail.  if you would like to read it here is the link http://www.businessinsider.com/the-most-entitled-generation-isnt-millennials-2015-1.  It basically said that the millennials are being blamed … Continue reading Is Entitlement Generational?

The race has officially begun!

WE WILL BE LAND OWNERS SOON!!  The owner accepted our offer!  No counter offer, no having to figure out new numbers, he accepted our offer right off the bat! For those of you who are planning on becoming self sufficient yet have limited immediate resources or bad credit or both here is my advice to … Continue reading The race has officially begun!