The end of Month 2

We had a pretty LARGE goal for December. Our goal was to finish with $1500. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (C getting cut down to 10-20 hours a week, me not being paid for some orders yet, etc) we ended up having a fairly rough month in terms of meeting our goal. We ended up with $700 saved. I’m a bit disappointed, but it’s so much better than the $200 we were at about a week and a half ago. That’s right, $200. We ended up having to borrow $200 out of the savings to keep us housed for the month. Thankfully we were able to bounce back a bit and find $500. $700 is a good number. I’m happy with $700.

The other awesome news about the end of last month…. We got several amazing Christmas gifts from God, the universe, whatever it is that you believe in….
The first being that C was hired on Christmas Eve for a pretty amazing job. He starts in the 5th and will be making over 1.5 times what he was before (when he actually worked a full week which never happened), and it has full benefits. January is still going to be a rough month for us as we try to navigate not having a paycheck for a bit, but we should be completely back on our feet by the end of the month. It’s so nice to breath.

The second awesome thing is that we called the realtor and went to look at the property. They showed us around (it’s a LOT bigger than we had originally thought), talked to us about what they are offering/ wanting. We talked to them about our plans and what we wanted, we talked about seller financing, then we went home and drew up some numbers for them and made an offer. Now we are waiting to hear back! We decided to put in an offer for both pieces of land, which ends up being close to 11 acres, mainly because the hill that is perfect for our house is right where both pieces of land meet. The offer we made is very reasonable, it’s not a great down payment (but it’s what we know we can do by the end of Feb), but we offered a large monthly payment with a higher interest rate hoping to entice him that way. It’s still the first offer so we are completely expecting a counter offer, which is why we have him numbers that were in no way a stretch for us. Hopefully his offer won’t be too far from ours. The next step is three fold 1) wait for his counter 2) find where we are going to live while we build (our plan is to move in May), and 3) get a list of permits and building codes we need to get/follow. We start this process next week. As promised we have A picture of the property. As soon as we figure out numbers that will work for everyone we will start going out and taking measurements and such and many more pictures will follow.


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