It’s been a while since I updated you all on our progress.  Progress has stalled a bit.  We are still in the waiting process.  Waiting to sign the papers, waiting to come up with the $3000 (by the end of Feb), just waiting.  As soon as those papers are signed we can start going out and measuring, getting supplies, working, etc, but until then it’s so painful to just wait.  I’m calling the guy again tomorrow to check on the progress and to make sure he knows we are still interested.  I don’t even want to start packing until we sign the papers.  Ugh this is so frustrating.

In terms of progress we really wont know until the 1st how we did this month.  So far it looks like this: we will probably be finishing with $1200-$1400 saved.  That’s almost half with 3 paychecks to go until we need to turn it in.  That’s doable, i hope.  Things are still going to be tight, really tight, and it’s probably going to come down to the wire.  I hope not though.  I hope good things happen and we find ourselves at the $3000 well before the end of the month, but i somehow doubt that.

Here is the main problem, when we start to feel a little better about money we tend to spend a little more than we should.  For instance, we were both sick on Sunday so we ordered in and we had a late night Midwife appointment yesterday so we went through a drive through.  It’s hard to talk about how tight we have to be knowing that we blew $30 on fast food in the past week.  We can do this though.  We just have to get through February and all will be good.

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