We are officially moving!!

We got the word last night that we have been approved to move into our friend’s cabin that is about 10 minutes from the property!!!  It’s a really nice, large cabin that’s probably close to the size of the house we are currently living in.  This is perfect for us because we wont have to drive as far to work on the property and our rent is significantly lower than we are currently paying, meaning we can put more towards the build.

Currently we are spending $750 in rent with about $200-$300 a month in utilities.  ($950-1050/ month and close to $1500 if you include property cost)

With the new place we will be paying $460 for the property and $450 in rent utilities included.  ($910/month)

We are so excited.  I guess it’s time to start the packing process.  We also have an ok to come out and start measuring for blueprints and such.  I am so excited.  I cannot wait.

Last night as we were leaving our friend’s place C mentioned to me how this is like climbing a mountain.  When we were talking about climbing the mountain it was so exciting because the mountain was so far away, but now we are about to head to the base of the mountain and it’s a bit more scary now.  We are planning our route, figuring out how to plan for miss steps and avalanches, packing our gear, and the mountain is so high.  It’s still really exciting though, but it’s one of those things where you just have to catch your breath and take that first step.

The next step is to sign the paperwork and hand over the $3000.  I was looking back at our plans and it’s so crazy, we went from needing $5000 by may to needing $3000 by March and we are doing it!  We still have cutbacks, sacrifices, and a lot of hard work ahead of us for this next month but it’s really happening!  Right now we have $1100 put aside which doesn’t seem like much but with 2 of Cs paychecks and my work there is no way we aren’t going to make it.  This month is really the turning point of our lives.  Come March 1st everything is going to be different.

Breathfarmer adin

Here we go!

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