Deposit made- end of month 4?

When we started this project we were anticipating having to make a larger downpayment on a smaller piece of land. Our intention was to save up $5000 to put down on 5 acres.  Much has changed over these past 4 months. We found the perfect piece of land and was able to obtain over 10 acres with only a $3000 downpayment. Living with almost nothing for so long $3000 in 4 months seemed like a huge stretch. There were many times I didn’t think we could do it. There were 2 months where we not only didn’t meet our goal, we actually had to borrow money from our savings. 

On our drive home yesterday, after handing over a check for $3000 C looked at me and goes “you did that. I was completely ready to have to call one of our family members and borrow money but somehow you pulled through and did this for us.”  It was really touching and extremely sweet and made me think back on these last 4 months and wonder “how the heck did we do it?!?!”  It was crazy, stressful, and very humbling.  We had to swallow out pride a couple times, ask for help along the way, go through our house and sell random stuff we didn’t need anymore, and pray. Lots and lots of prayers. I revisit our budget on a daily, sometimes more than that, basis to make sure we were in track. I even did a massive push the last day of Feb to sell as much for my business as I could. C’s new job was a godsend too. We couldn’t have done it without that. This had been my second “bible” these last two months. I think I may burn it now: 

We still aren’t 100% in the clear.  This is really just the start of this journey. We have completed the first step, the hardest step, and the one that should be the longest step. We finished last month with enough to pay the downpayment, the phone bill, and part of the rent. We still have probably until the end of this month before things start to really settle in the money department, but the worst part so far is over.  

Now for the fun part!!!  As soon as the snow has melted we will be out measuring, blocking, and getting ready to excavate!!!!  

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