Asking for help and advice!

So the next real step in this journey is to finalize the building plans.  To recap the project so far: we are building an in ground “earthship”, run on solar and wind power. It’s built maily with recycled materials too. I spoke with planning and zoning today, mainly because I do t want to end up being one of those couples that has a sad article written about them because they built this awesome off grid house that has to be torn down because they didn’t get approval for it. Apparently all we need is to get them to approve our house plans. Problem is they have to be professional house plans and those cost close to $7000 to do. If we have to do that we are looking at not even starting the project until after may if we are lucky. We need suggestions on how we can go about havin someone either help us with the building plans or to look them over after we have created them for a much cheaper price. We need as many suggestions as possible!  Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Asking for help and advice!

  1. Have you considered googling free cad programs to enable you to draw up the plans yourself? Speak to a few forms also and see if you could get them do donate your plans in Aidens name. let me know if you need help researching anything since we can’t be there to physically help with the building. Also was thinking you could be my fundraiser guinea pig for Pampered Chef if you are interested.

  2. We built a recent Earthship near Colorado Springs, CO. We love it! We used Mike Sheley’s design, His website is called Touch the Earth Ranch. It’s a tire bale variety Earthship.

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