And here it goes again

We have been surviving on one car the past year.  Since C got his new job he has to take his jeep to work every day so i have been borrowing a friends car but for reasons i can’t say i can only drive it locally.  I can’t drive it anywhere but around town and very minimally, probably a total of about 5 miles a week because my disabled son has to get to and from therapy and the doctor.  Our plan has been to be able to buy a new car for me by the end of april and to trade in the jeep for a new truck for him by the end of May.  Right now I dont know what we are going to do.  I guess we can try to buy a new truck for him now but with no down payment and terrible credit i don’t see how that can happen.  If we don’t have a car C doesn’t have a job and if he doesn’t have a job we are back to having nothing.  i just can’t handle this right now.

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