Car update

As of this past Thursday night we have a new truck!! 

Thanks to a friend of ours we were introduced to a financial plan through a major car dealership in the area. The plan is for people who have the means to buy a car but not the credit to be financed. They also report to the credit bureaus so it rebuilds your credit. There were two trucks on the lot. One was a ford f150, two door but has the cab that seats 3. So we can fit all 6 of I when the baby is born. It’s not a diesel which C is bummed about but it will work!  It was almost $2000 more than we were approved for but tey brought down the price so we could afford it. Car payments are $350 a month for 4 years which we can totally afford, although we are probably going to refinance in a year when C’s credit is better. It’s important to tell people your struggles because someone may have an answer you haven’t thought of or wouldn’t know about otherwise. If I hadn’t mentioned out problem to my church girlfriends we wouldn’t have a truck right now. Now to figure out a car for me!

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