Starting the planning

Yesterday we walked out on the property for the first time since we bought it.  We would have went out sooner, but the snow and all…

We went to do some blocking and planning.  It’s tough to work on floor plans for a house when you haven’t seen the property in months.  We took the kids out and let them roam free while we blocked out where we wanted the house to be and the garden.  They really enjoyed running around without much adult supervision, although the property is so open that its not like we would lose them.  They also dont run very fast yet.

kids 1

We placed markers where we plan on digging for the house.  We still have to go out and do actual measurements and real markings before we begin to excavate.  The best part is, we stood where the greenhouse windows will be and checked out the view .

view 3view 1view 2

The hill to the left is where we will be putting in our garden, that way it’s not too long a walk from the greenhouse and we can look at it throughout the summer.  Isn’t that a beautiful view?

There is still so much to do before we can really enjoy it, but we are just going to take it one month at a time.

Month 1- March 2015.  our to do list:

1. get an address for the property

2. get a mailbox

3. start garden

4. finish the floorplans

Its a tall order but i think we can do it!

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