A revisit to what is wrong with society

I know that there are good morel people in the world, but most of them don’t run businesses. It is nearly impossible to find decent people to work for anymore. 

C is salaried, meaning he is supposed to get paid the same whether he works overtime or not. He missed last Friday (the last day of the pay period) because we thought I was in labor. I was having strong consistent contractions from 11 the night before until 3pm the next day. Then they stopped. 

He comes to find out today that his boss docked his pay for that day, regardless of the fact that he has worked a mad amount of unpaid overtime since he has been there and it cannot be recovered because since payroll has already been submitted he would have to pay him overtime if it wet on another pay period. 

Regardless of the fact that it is completely illegal for him to do that, C now has to keep track of all his hours so if it happens again he is gonna take it up with him.  This sucks because once again we are going to be set back. I also now have to worry about having this baby on a weekend so that he doesn’t miss even more work. 

What happened to employers being decent people?  Everyone want to cut corners on legalities to save themselves money regardless Of whether their employees are happy.  Other than acting proactively next time what can C do?  Nothing. Because he is easily replaceable. This is why people can’t get ahead. Tomorrow he has to work from 5:30-8, but God forbid he misses a day.  I can’t wait until the farm is up and running and he can say F you to working for someone else. 

Starting is slow

We had a very productive weekend last weekend. We were at the property for a fairly good portion of the time. A few weeks ago C’s parents had given us a tiller that didn’t work anymore. C spent a week taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together. He got it to mostly work. It doesn’t reverse but that’s not a huge deal. We went to lowers on Saturday, bought a bunch of plants, then went out to the property to till the garden. 

  It took a few hours but C got the garden tilled enough to plant the plants we bought.  We now have Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, and asparagus. In the next few weeks we wil be planting our tomatoes and peppers. This is the biggest garden I have ever had and it’s small compares to what it will be. 


  Here is the exciting part about the weekend: we marked off where the house will be so we can start excavating in may.  A circle with a 25ft radius has an area of almost 2000 sq which is the biggest house either of us has ever lived in, which doesn’t count the loft.  The area looks so much smaller when it’s drawn on the ground.  

        The next step is to rent an excavator.  Can’t wait to break ground!!

The kids like the property too, although the best time to work on things is during nap time.  


Building plan woes

We have had our ups and downs with the building plans. We have had a heck of a time finding someone to even talk to us about  doing the plans for this type of home.  Once we do they all start out with “the plans shouldn’t be that expensive” and them come back with “it’s gonna cost several thousand dollars”. I don’t know what their idea of “not expensive” is, but several thousand dollars is a lot of money to us. Then we had one guy tell us that the house we are wanting to build us going to cost us at least $200,000 and there is no way we can do it without a bank loan.  I agree that it’s probably going to end up costing us more than anticipated, but $200,000 is a crazy number, especially out here, and considering almost the entire thing will be made of recycled materials. 

So it was back to the drawing board. Then we received a call from an architecture student at the university. He had heard about our project and was really interested in working with us as part of completing his degree.  We are so excited about this!  Hopefully it will work out.  We would like to start building soon.