A revisit to what is wrong with society

I know that there are good morel people in the world, but most of them don’t run businesses. It is nearly impossible to find decent people to work for anymore. 

C is salaried, meaning he is supposed to get paid the same whether he works overtime or not. He missed last Friday (the last day of the pay period) because we thought I was in labor. I was having strong consistent contractions from 11 the night before until 3pm the next day. Then they stopped. 

He comes to find out today that his boss docked his pay for that day, regardless of the fact that he has worked a mad amount of unpaid overtime since he has been there and it cannot be recovered because since payroll has already been submitted he would have to pay him overtime if it wet on another pay period. 

Regardless of the fact that it is completely illegal for him to do that, C now has to keep track of all his hours so if it happens again he is gonna take it up with him.  This sucks because once again we are going to be set back. I also now have to worry about having this baby on a weekend so that he doesn’t miss even more work. 

What happened to employers being decent people?  Everyone want to cut corners on legalities to save themselves money regardless Of whether their employees are happy.  Other than acting proactively next time what can C do?  Nothing. Because he is easily replaceable. This is why people can’t get ahead. Tomorrow he has to work from 5:30-8, but God forbid he misses a day.  I can’t wait until the farm is up and running and he can say F you to working for someone else. 

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One thought on “A revisit to what is wrong with society

  1. I have very strong feelings about situations like this. I was once hired for an office job at an hourly rate. When I started, all of a sudden it was salaried (at the same hourly rate at 40 hrs.) Then we were forced to work overtime. A complete faith crusher in how businesses are run. At the time I didn’t want to rock the boat because I needed the job. I hate this for you!

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