In like a lion out like a ….lion?

I know that saying is for march, but I thought it was fitting…

It seems as though either nothing is happening, in which case I don’t really have anything to post, or everything is happening all at once and I don’t have time to post. April seems to have been the later. May should be much better and more posts will be made, but as for right now I will probably be playing catch up for a while.

So what happened in April? Lots of stuff. We tilled our garden (although not fantastically well), and planted some broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. We also started about 5 different types of tomatoes, which we will be planting near the end of this month. Our peppers are slow going but the will hopefully also be ready for planting near the end of May.

We also had a baby. Baby O was born on April 23rd. Much of April was spent either preparing for him or with me somewhat bedridden with braxton hicks. He is a fantastic baby though. Really chill, which is good. With everything we have in the works and plus 3, sometimes 4, kids I would be losing my mind if he wasn’t.  Especially since baby girl has decided she has two volumes, sweet and SCREAMING!!

  Finally, what we have been doing over the past two weeks (other than getting used to a new baby) is moving. That’s right, we are crazy enough to have given birth and moved all within a week of each other. I know what you are thinking, these people are crazy. Well yes, maybe a little, but the way things worked out this was the only way we could buy the land and not have a $750 rent payment AND $464 land payment all come due on the same day. We chose saving money over convenience, although truthfully it’s been really hard on me to not be able to help (or at least not as much as I want to). I can’t just sit around and watch other people do stuff for me so I pushed myself harder than I should have, and I’m really paying for it now. I’m limiting how much I am allowing myself to do every day and it’s driving me NUTS. My house is a mess because there are tons of boxes that still need to be unpacked, but if I overdue it I’m going to be even more off than I am now. Sigh, such is life…

PS: we also do not have internet until possibly saturday which is another reason my blog posts have been lacking.

Tomorrow I will post about our new temporary home. It’s fantastic. Definitely not something we could live in long term, but so much better than where we were living.

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