The Temporary Place

We have made the move from the small town we were living in to our friends hunting cabin, which is 10 minutes from our property.  We are paying about the same in rent and land payments as were were paying in rent and utilities in the old place.  Our plan is to start putting aside money for the build while we live out here.

The house is a bit smaller than our old house, and the boxes that are currently piled in the living room are driving me crazy.  Other than that we are really happy with the house.  We LOVE that it’s in the woods.  We feel really safe out here, and find that we are spending much more time outside and not watching TV then we ever have before.

We have a hammock swing that I brought back from Costa Rica when I was writing my undergraduate thesis.  It has been in storage since 2002 and I am thrilled that we are finally using it.  It’s probably one of the few THINGS in my life that I really love.  We hung it on the patio that also has a built in fire pit type grill, which we have used quite a bit already.

Our friends have chickens so I have been helping with them in exchange for eggs.  We also bought 10 layers that we will be taking with us once our house is built.  In the meantime they will be our layers when they are old enough.  Once the chicks are old enough to be out they are free range, which means better eggs.  We also feed the chickens scraps, so I now have 2 bowls out in the kitchen, one for compost and one for chicken scraps.  I am very excited about our chickens.  They are fantastic.

We also brought C’s dog here.  He has a dog that he hasn’t been able to bring with him to any of the places he has rented in the past.  It’s a big dog.  The dog has been staying with his ex who didn’t really take care of him.  We have had him for a week now and he is eating better, he spends about half the day outside exploring, and he is so much happier.  The kids are so excited about having a dog too.

I do have to say I am really loving the country life.  I can’t wait until we are spending more time out on the farm.  Things just keep getting better!

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