I have the most amazing people in my life

We have some exciting news….

As long as everything goes as planned tonight we should be excavating on the Saturday of Memorial Day!!

I am so excited!!  Can you tell?  We are waiting to get some quotes from the father of a friend of mine on renting an excavator.  We are meeting with him tonight at the property to show him what we want to do and make sure that the one we want to rent will be the correct one for us.  As long as the price is right we should be able to rent it in 2 saturdays.

What does this have to do with my friends being the best?

1) because they totally ARE!  2) because we were able to find an architect through an awesome client of mine who is using our plans for his senior project.  He has so far been super awesome and i am very excited to see what the final plans look like.  And lastly 3) We have really been trying to keep the cost of building this house very minimal.  We are shopping around and getting multiple quotes from people before laying down any money.  So far we have saved over $2000 and we haven’t even started building.  I got a few quotes from large companies on renting excavator equipment but i really want to stay local, and many times doing things locally actually ends up saving you money, although sometimes it doesn’t.  I put out a request on social media asking people if they knew someone who would let us rent their excavator and my friend replied back that her dad rents them.  We will see after tonight if renting locally and through friends pays off.  Either way I give total props to my friends for wanting to help us find things!!  Keep it us guys, we’re gonna need some help as we continue with this!!!

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