Chickens and other things

This week has been one excitement after another!  Aside from the excavator and almost finishing the digging we also ordered our first round of chickens, acquired wood from a wonderful dear friend to make a chicken coop, and modified our GoFundMe account.  So check this out:

We are trying out a hatchery that is recommended by Joel Salatin.  I ordered 25 heavy heritage roosters.  I know they are tougher meat than hens but I hear if you do a brine wash on them they loosen up so i’m gonna give it a shot and see what I think, especially since they are $1 cheaper per chick than getting hens or even straight run.  Hopefully the processing goes well and we wont really be able to tell a difference.  I cant wait to get the little guys in the mail next week.  SQUEE!!!

I have also been stressing about this chicken coup.  I figured it would cost about $50 to build which I had not figured into the budget, meaning i would have to stress myself more to work my business harder than i already have been or take the money out of our building fund.  INSTEAD my very dear friend has offered some wood she had laying around.  Meaning chicken coup=almost free!! I love this kind of country lifestyle.  i have something you want that i dont need so you can have it, and I know I’ll be bringing her some veggies this summer too, and maybe a chicken or two.  it’s a win/win on all sides.

Finally, and probably the coolest part, is that The concrete foundation is going to be cheaper than previously expected.  I called around and did more price shopping.  it looks like the gravel will be about $1000 (instead of $1500) and the concrete should cost about $3300 (instead of $4000).  I did some more calculations and it looks like if we can raise $2000 by the end of July we can have the entire foundation finished!!!  I am extremely excited!!!  Also a bit nervous.  Looks like i have a lot of work to do to raise $2000 in 2 months!!  Wish me luck!

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