Sewer permit

We are back to waiting again.  It’s so frustrating waiting on other people.  We are waiting, once again, for the guy we bought the property from to get us the property info and put that section in our name.  We are also waiting for him to let us rent his backhoe.  We have to have the backhoe first in order to do anything else because we have to flatten out the lot and get it somewhat level and we also need it for the health department to come out to do the perc test so we can get a sewage permit so that we can get a building permit so that we can legally start building.  Until this happens we are really at a standstill.  We have a little more we can legally do without needing a building permit, but not much.  We are also waiting on the architect to get us the building plans so we can go apply for a building permit once we have the sewage permit.  That’s not a huge deal since he knows we need them by the end of june at the latest.  this gives us a little extra time with the fundraising too.  I’m still hoping to raise the $2000 by the end of june (of which we already have $51 through GoFundMe and $20 through my Mary Kay fundraiser).  Only $1929 to go!  If we can get the permits by the end of June then we should have enough saved to put the gravel down and part of the concrete.  We can also be started on the tires, which i’m pretty sure we don’t need the building permit to start putting down, but to be safe we will wait on that.  The concrete can probably be completed by August at which time we will start putting up the windows and finishing the tires.  We would like to have all the outer walls and the roof finished by the end of the year so we can focus on the interior during the winter.  I’m still confident that we can have the construction complete by next June.

In the meantime, while construction is driving me crazy, I will be focusing my efforts on the chickens and the garden.  We will be selling some of our produce locally as well as possibly starting our canning project.  I have been compiling a book of recipes I want to try as part of our farm stand.  Until we have a kitchen built i have to see what the restrictions are on selling homemade goods (like at farmers markets and such) and what we need to do to be within compliance.  Why can’t the government make any of this easy?  *sigh*

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2 thoughts on “Sewer permit

  1. have you started collecting tires? I would definitely look at craigslist or contact a local trucking company that would love to give away their non roadworthy tires. (saves them the expense). I love the blog. Keep it up, y’all are doing great!

    • Not yet. We have started looking and have it on our list of things to do. I think once we have the plans in our hands we will start collecting tires. I’m still nervous that we will have trouble gettin the building permit because we are using an architecture school fair the plans.

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