I need to learn to shut off the critical voice in my head that tells me I am being a total slacker when I don’t have a super productive day, weekend, week, etc. 

last weekend and the weekend before we were excavating. It was fantastic. We did so much work in a short period of time. I was really impressed with us. This weekend we are back in the waiting game. We have to wait to continue building until we get the sewage and building permits. We have to wait to get a backhoe to level the hole. We have to wait to get the building permit until we have the plan we need from the architect. I am trying to do as much as we can without us needing permits. I think next weekend we will be out with rakes and shovels to level the hole without having to have a backhoe.   C informed me today that it will probably be our cheapest and best option. I would like to have someone watch the kids for 5 or so hours one day so we can really work on it without having to be concerned about them complaining about the heat, or each other, or the bugs, or whatever else bored children complain about to annoy their parents. 

Aside from out future plans this weekend was a total bust. I feel we got nothing done. We really got a lot done but since I’m a complete workaholic I feel like a complete slacker. On Thursday we met with the architect to go over the basic design plans at the building site so he can get a realistic view of what we want before the plans are finalized.  We also finished planting our garden, with the addition of 24 poblano plants, 6 hot banana peppers, 2 chocolate habeneros, a row of zucchini, pole beans, and two rows of cucumbers.  Then we filled (or tried to fill) the water container we use to fill the cistern, but one Of the tires on the trailer was flat. We filled it halfway, took it to the property to water the plants which were all half dead, put up with three crying children and one that was complaining loudly, somehow managed to not throttle the kids, got the quarter filled container back to the house just in time for the tire to completely shred itself.  Now we have to buy a 15 inch used tire in the next few days before we run out of water.  

This has not been an unproductive weekend, just not as productive as I usually like, and extremely mentally exhausting.   

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