How not to potty train

I am sort of taking on the task of potty training our not-quite-2 year old daughter.  It’s not like I am thrilled in any way shape or form to be taking on this task right now.  She is a handful, I love her to pieces, she is one of the loves of my life, but she is her mommy in little form.  She has decided that she has an interest in the potty.  Her interest goes like this: She wants to sit on the potty, wipe as if she has used the potty, and wash her hands.  She has yet to actually USE the potty.  However she has also decided she is done with diapers.


So here is what my day looks like with her potty training.  Taking her on and off the potty, chasing her naked butt around trying to get a diaper on her, having to listen to her scream about having a dirty diaper, or (and my big favorite) showing me that she has pooped by offering me a handful of it.  This includes handing it to me in the car, and when I couldn’t get to the gas station quick enough she had rubbed it in her hair.  Giving her a bath in a gas station bathroom was awesome.  Also showing me while I am on the phone.  There are countless conversations that have been interrupted by me yelling “Who’s poop is this?!?!”

I have had so many people give me advice on how to potty train her.  I have tried putting her on the potty every 30 min, putting her on either before or after I go, taking her diaper off and letting her run wild (which has led to pee everywhere and a lovely offering of poop at the front door).  I figure if I just keep trying she will get it one of these days.  In the meantime my life currently smells like pee and/or poop.  I’m terribly sorry to anyone who has to be near me.

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4 thoughts on “How not to potty train

  1. I’m going through the process, too. Mine doesn’t mind still sporting the diaper or training pant, though. My first daughter was trained by a friend of mine when she was in her home daycare, so this one is all on me and I’m struggling. I have a friend whose daughter (younger than mine) was trained in a week. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. LOL.

    • I’m with you. I keep thinking that I must be doing something wrong, or maybe i’m not spending enough time and energy on it. I have no idea. One friend told me that with her 4 girls she just waited until they were old enough to tell her they were done wearing diapers. I wish she was that easy.

  2. At that age, I had to put Gil back in onesies so he couldn’t go diaper diving. I spent the day in dread of hearing, “My hands are dirty!” He’s now 3 years and 9 months and, um, still in diapers. So. Maybe don’t take my advice. Lol.

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