It was dry at some point

I went out to the farm today to do my weeding, pick more berries, and other general maintenance stuff.

None of this got done. none.  I tried to do some weeding because it desperately needs it but the ground is basically a marsh from having non stop rain for over 2 weeks.  My boots sank into the ground at least 2 inches.  I decided I just couldn’t do it.
I then decided to try and pick some berries.  i was going to park the car at the creek (which i can usually drive over) and walk to the berry patches.  I couldn’t even drive over the initial dip to get to the creek without my all wheel drive vehicle skidding all over the place.  Looking at the weather report we wont have another dry day until Tuesday.  We cant let the garden go that long and we certainly cant let the berries go either.  We will miss out on at least a gallon of berries each if we do (mulberries and blackberries).

I know a month ago we were begging for rain but this is insane.  Hopefully it doesn’t damage the crops any.

  The good news is that C finished pitting up the stakes yesterday. The beans and cucumbers was what we were really concerned about, but he did a great job putting everything up. 
Finally, in sad news the muscadine wine is almost gone. It will be finished tonight. That’s the only bad part about wine, it usually only lasts me about 3-4 days. Although I remember a time when a bottle of wine would last me a night. Now it only does on special occasions and leads to me being a little too truthful with people and waking up with a college kind of hangover. When did I get old?

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