On The Road Again

Tomorrow we pack up all 4 kids again and head out in the early morning to make the 3 hour drive back down to C’s parents to finish up the list of stuff we didn’t finish the last time we were there. This includes finishing the plumbing, moving our bee hive (which after tonight will have a stand on our property!!), and picking up more chickens. We were going to also harvest his parent’s hive but with all the rain in the past three weeks or more the bees haven’t been as busy as they normally would have been so we may have to hold off on that. We were going to leave tonight but we would get in really late and I have an appointment that wont be over until after 9.

I’m always a bit nervous about bringing all the kids. We don’t get to see them often so we don’t like to go on weekends that we don’t have all the kids, but at the same time that’s four rambunctious kids in a tiny home. It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. It doesn’t help that the 10 year old really wants to help on the farm so the 5 year old (who has CP) wants to go too but cant because he isn’t mobile enough to do it himself and nobody can carry him. We need to figure out something for him, especially once we get our farm going, because it isn’t fair that he has to miss out on everything. He gets really upset sometimes, especially when his big sister gets to do something and he doesn’t. I guess once we get everything else figured out we can start working on a system for him.

Hopefully we can get everything finished this weekend that we need to. We need to make sure we dont forget the screen and cage this time…..

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