Being Informed is Awesome

Apparently, according to KY state law, you do NOT need an architect or engineer to sign off on house plans.  When I was informed of this I was skeptical at first so I actually looked up the building code regulations and by George they were right!!  This makes me just a little excited.  We are buying a set of building plans for $200 when C gets paid next week.  He has a program that lets you modify PDFs so we are going to modify the plans to be exactly what we want (and in truth the plans we are buying need very little modification).  We will hopefully be getting the sewage permit the week after next as well, so by early September we should be building!!!!  SQUEE!!!!!!  I’m so excited I can’t even stand it!!

In order to get the sewage permit we need to rent a backhoe to dig a hole.  That’s right, we need to rent a backhoe to dig A hole, one hole.  C and I have been discussing it and have decided that if we are going to rent the backhoe we are going to rent it for the day and get a lot done with it, meaning we are going to flatten out the giant hole that our house will be built in and put in our fall garden plot.  On the first of next month I am starting my fall plants in the starter wells we have.  I am planting spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions, and cabbage.  I think that’s it.

Our spring/summer garden is doing amazing!!!  We are picking at least 6 squash, 3 zucchini, 6 cucumbers, and 10 peppers everyday.  our beans are about ready to be picked too.  Next year we will plant MUCH earlier than we did this year.  I’m still pretty impressed with how much we are getting so far.  All of our tomato plants have a ton of tomatoes on them, they just haven’t ripened yet.  I’m a little nervous because of how late it is in the season, but I still think It will be ok.  I’m hoping they will start to ripen in the next week or so.  We have definitely had a weird spring/summer.  This is our yield from last weekend, right as the cucumbers were starting to come in.  Since this the squash have started to have issues with blossom end rot which we are taking care of with a natural calcium spray made from eggshells.  I’ll let you know how that works!!

I wore the wrong shoes to garden today (because I wasn’t planning on going out to the garden until after I worked) so here I am gardening with bare feet!!

We have had a rough two weeks, but that was our own fault, BUT come this thursday we will have another $700 to throw at the house build.  Yippee!  Already spent: $250 to pay off the excavator, $300 for the sewage permit, $200 for building plans, hmm, that puts us $50 over budget….  eh, we’ll figure it out.  We can always put off the house plans until the next payday.

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