We miss a day…..

First off I have some really exciting news…  We FINALLY got the perc test application submitted!!!  He said he should be calling on Tuesday to set up an appointment to have the perc test done.  Once I have a date set I will have to call and see about renting a backhoe for the day.  We have an entire list of stuff we have to do with a backhoe too.  We want to get the driveway put in all the way to the house and get the spring/fall garden plot in.  I’m super excited about it!!

It took us thising to get the application in because 1) the link to fill the form out online and mail it wouldn’t work so I 2) went to the library, filled it out online, and tried to mail it but it wouldn’t send so I printed it out and 3) tried to take it in to the office but the office hours are not posted online. The first time I went was at 11 am. They are only open tues, wed, and fri from 8-10. I tried to go back on a tues but my car battery was dead.  I them went back on wed. Got there 15 min before they closed only to find they were closed. A tiny sign on the corner of the window if the door informs me that their NEW office hours has them closed on wed and only open tues and fri 8-10.  I told C at that point that if he got my scanner up and running and scanned them in so I could email them that I would be eternally grateful. He scanned them that night and they were emailed shortly after. I love how great C is at helping me. 

Now on to the garden update.  Things have been going so well!!  We have been really on top of processing everything up to this point, and we have gotten a lot!!  We pick at least 10 cucumbers a day, 6 squash, and 3-6 zucchini and we still have a long way to go of harvesting those!!  Yesterday we had a really large rain come through and were unable to get out to the garden to pick anything. This is what happened when I went out to pick first thing this morning. 

We also have jalapenos, banana peppers, habaneros and beans that we have been picking.  We are going to pickle some beans once we get enough of them coming in at once.  Until then we have been dehydrating them as we get them and putting them in a bag until we get enough to vacuum seal and freeze.    Our tomatoes are starting to ripen, this is our first blush.  Once they start to ripen things will really start to get crazy.
Also our poblanos are producing like crazy.  My plan with them is to stuff them with a meat and cheese mix and freeze them.  Then when we cook them we batter and deep fry them.  They are so good.

The most exciting thing so far is how much food we have been able to give away.  I have been giving away or trading at least a half a bag of food every 3 days or so.  It gives me such pleasure knowing that I am able to give food to people who appreciate it.  Next year we plan on starting up at the farmers market and actually start selling our goods, but for right now I’m happy giving it away.  I love feeding people.

These last two pictures area favorite things of the garden. The first are the poblanos, zucchini, beans, and cucumbers. The second is our future view of the moon from our house. 



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