Some things to celebrate 

Tonight we do a little celebrating. What are we celebrating?  The almost completion of our house plans. We were expecting it to take 2 weeks to modify these house plans into what we wanted. Instead it took 48 hours of C locking himself in our room workin on them. There are still a few modifications that need to be made (adding closets, square footage, and modifying some wording) which should take minimal time to complete. The house looks awesome. It’s exactly what we wanted. C even added a huge pantry behind the kitchen, and because it’s underground it will also serve as a root cellar. I think the pantry is going to be half the size of the living room of the cabin we are staying in. That’s insane. 


Once we get everything finished we will post the actual files for free so other people can use them. 

We are also celebrating our 1 year anniversary of being a married couple. Happy 1 year babe!!  If you had told us last year that this is where we would be I would have laughed. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us.  

How are we celebrating?  I made homemade Bloody Mary mix. Nothing like Cherokee purple tomatoes made into a juice with jalapeños, and other stuff that makes a Bloody Mary, and vodka. It’s a great end to a very hectic week, although we misplaced our “juicer” some friends had given us so I had to strain my tomatoes another way that took WAY longer. It was worth it though. So totally worth it.we are also watching nature shoes on PBS cause we know how to celebrate!  



Who says you dont need math?

C and I make a really awesome team. He is really good at the computer stuff while I am really good at the math stuff. It’s not that neither of us couldn’t do what the other one does, but we can do it so much faster as a team. C is spending the day working on the house plans.  When he comes across a section where he needs to input the numbers into the page he brings me what he has and I do the equations and hand him back the paper with all of the numbers filled out. 

It’s great because I absolutely love math, especially geometry, and this totally gives me my fix for the day. One of the things that makes us really good at our homesteading journey is the fact that we both can adapt really well to figuring out how to solve and fix most problems. We have enough basic knowledge on math, science, engineering, biology, mechanics, and animal husbandry to figure stuff out and the rest we just research and fill in the blanks. 

The house plans

We purchased the house plans today.  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and now that it’s done I am “totally freaking out!” (said in the voice of Peg from Peg+Cat).  We need to get on modifying them in order to get the plans looking the way we want so we can turn them in.  We also need to get the plumbing stuff put together to turn into the plumbing people to get that approved.  I’m hoping to have it all put together and ready to go in 1-2 weeks, although that’s more up to C than me since he will be the one doing the modifications.  I love when things start to move forward.  It makes me nervous because I know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, and pretty soon we will be very very busy.  I also can’t wait to get it finished.  I can’t wait to be in my own home, living on the property.  It’s gonna feel so good!!

The first picture is what we want our loft to look like, the second is what the front of the house plans we bought looks like.  Of course our house wont look like that, but that’s ok!

upstairs loft 2 story roundhouse

The trip to buy trash bags

i have shared before that we only throw away about one bag of trash a month. We buy things in reusable containers or make our own stuff. We just don’t throw out that much. We are finally down to our last trash bag (after about 2 years). I go to the grocery store to get the cheap Kroger brand tall kitchen bags. My plan was to buy the 20 pack of tall kitchen bags which will last us a little over a year and a half. Apparently they don’t make these in the unscented version anymore. They have 2 scents available.  There is nothing better than my trash smelling like chemical flowery rancid trash. The only box of non scented trash bags were ones with twist ties (um no) or the 120 pack of the ones I wanted. C says “well, we could get the 120 pack and not have to worry about buying trash bags” to which I replied “for ten years!!”   That’s insane. Can you imagine not buying trash bags for 10 years?  I couldn’t imagine the $17 price tag.

Anyway,so then I was left with the conundrum of having to find a new kind of trash bag to buy. What a horrible thing to have to do. I finally settled on the new biodegradable kind. I like that they are compostable. As we walk away from the isle I read the side of the box “use the biodegradable bags within a year of purchase” good thing there is only 12 in a box!!  Hopefully things will be easier when we buy another set of trash bags…. In a year.

I need a “wife”

I know I am gender-stereotyping when I say I need a wife, but there really is t a better way to say it. Unless I say I need a 1950’s style wife. Lol. I need someone to wash my dishes and clean my house. I know that what I really want is a housekeeper but to say I need one of those would give people the idea that we somehow have the means to afford one anytime soon. I would like to be able to afford one when we get the house built. But for right now I am taking care of 3-4 kids (only one of whom can do chores and we only see her 2 days every 2 weeks), running a farm, building a house, and running a small part time business. So my house is far from being clean. Sometime in the next few days I need to take the trash out, put the laundry away, mop the kitchen floor, clean the kitchen counter, clean the bathrooms, and vacuum upstairs, and put away some of the moving boxes. I am way to tired to do any of that crap. How do people hold it all together?  I am so tired. 

The new puppy

We now have a new puppy.  We decided now was the best time to get one if we want it to be old enough to defend the flock next spring.  There was a guy living about an hour away who had a littler of “ooops” Great Pyrenees puppies.  They were so cute and really inexpensive.  I wanted to get a puppy from a rescue center or shelter but we aren’t exactly the prime candidates for them.  Even though we are building our home we don’t actually own our own home yet, we rent where we are staying.  We don’t have a visible fence because the fence is around the 75 acres.  We also plan on having the dog sleep outside when it gets older.  It wont be chained up but it’s going to be a farm dog with a job and many of the shelters and rescue centers think dogs should only be inside companion dogs.  We aren’t going to lie to get  dog either.  We chose to look at the dogs this guy had because they were inexpensive and they were also ooops puppies.  I would much rather get a puppy that was an accident than give money to a breeder who obviously does it for profit.

puppy 1 puppy 2

The puppies were a little over six weeks old.  They had three boys left, although one of them had some pretty severe hip dysplasia, which C taught the guy about and showed how you can feel for it on the puppies.  We got the alpha male of the group.  He was definitely larger and had eaten more than the others.  C said that we wanted some alpha qualities in a farm dog, not for him to be the alpha because that’s us, but to have alpha over the other animals.

He did really well on the drive home, looked out the window a lot, and even slept some.  He went potty outside before bed and held it all night.  He did have accidents on the carpet this morning though, but he’s still very young so I don’t expect him to be as good as he has been.  He’s a pretty chill puppy too.  He sleeps a lot (which is expected for being so young), plays, loves his chew toys, and is so far pretty good with the kids.  He slept with our 5 year old all night.  He also follows me around.  He’s really cute.  We have yet to come up with a name for him.  We were thinking either Sampson, Thor, Bear, Sue, or Baron.  I am really liking Sampson.  We are going to give it some time before we chose a name, see what fits his personality best.  Oh, and he’s also afraid of the chickens, although they are bigger than him at the moment.  He’ll get better.

A really great surprise

A few days ago we discovered that we do not need the full sewage permit in order to get the building permit. All we need is the paper from the perc test. So now it looks like the next step will be to buy the building plans (hopefully next week), modify them, and hopefully get them turned in and approved by the end of this month. Once we do that we can start on the building!!  C needs to mark where everything is going (pipes and electric) and put down the ones that need to go under the tires. Once that is done we are going to have an old fashion barn raising to get the tires up. We want to get that done in a weekend. This is so cool. It’s one step at a time but I can feel it coming together. 

When You Are Poor

It’s amazing how when you are poor you know exactly how much you have and how much is coming out of your bank account. This week we messed up, and I mean we messed up big. I have no idea how. I budgeted this week like I always do, we even had some extra money coming in, but somehow we currently have $30 less than the checks I have written, so if the checks go through we will have -$64 in our account. There is just no catching up. I really just can’t do this. I now have to spend the day at home figuring out how to find $30 or more so that we don’t overdraw our account. We didn’t spend any extraneous money on anything except some treats for C when he was at work and had a sugar crash. We didn’t even buy food, which I had budgeted for. The only thing that I can figure is that we spent more on gas than I had anticipated. I budgeted $250 for gas but we have spent over $400 (just going to and from work and school). It’s impossible to budget for gas because we could spend $100 a week or $400. It all depends on The route they give him at work and many times we don’t even know that until a few days before. 

Life would be a lot easier if Cs boss supplied a work truck and company card to buy gas with. It’s really bullshit that not only does he have to buy a new car to have this job but also pay for most of his gas upfront. The really frustrating part about all of this is that his boss made him get a truck that gets under 20mpg but only reimburses him for 20mpg and we only get a reimbursement at the end of the month. I honestly don’t know how he is going to get to and from work next week, and I don’t know how I am getting my son to school. I’m freaking out just a little bit. A lot of bit? Today is going to be a rough day. 

A New Dog

We are on the search for a new dog.  I know we had said that we didn’t want to get another dog after Lobo died but it seems that our local racoons have realized the dog is no longer there.  We have lost 20 chickens in the span of a week.  Our coop and chicken tractor are really solid.  They aren’t getting inside, they are reaching through and snapping their necks.  The other night they decapitated two chickens and tore the wing off of another.  Nasty things.  We talked about what the best course of action would be to control this and came up with getting another dog.  What we want is a large farm dog, preferably a puppy or at least fairly young so we can train it to not attack the chickens, or the children.  We also would prefer a rescue, which makes the last statement difficult to get.  I would rather save a dog than buy from a breeder and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for what is essentially a farm do  Don’t get me wrong, the dog will be allowed in the house. It will actually have an open door policy where it can come in and out as it pleases during the day and will be out at night.  This is what we don’t want:  we don’t want to get a dog just to get a dog.  The dog will be loved, cuddled, given good food, and spoiled, but we are not getting it for companionship.  This dog will have a job to do and if we don’t feel the dog will do the job we aren’t going to get it, regardless of how cute, friendly, playful, or “sad” it’s situation is.  We have some leads and hopefully will have a dog in the next month or so.  Wish us luck!!