It’s going to be a busy weekend

We didn’t go out to the farm on Thurs because it was raining all day.  Friday night we headed to the farm with the hopes of getting what we usually get.  The cucumbers and the squash were starting to look like they were winding down and those (plus the zucchini) are our big producers currently.  This is the bounty we walked away with.  This is C, AKA Homestead Santa.

We forgot to bring a bag with us so we filled his rain pants that came with his coat (he NEVER wears the pants because they are terrible and don’t work).  We joked the whole way home that we feel like we should be off delivering food to everyone.  This is what the bounty looked like once we got it all unpacked.

Today we met with 2 different friends and delivered a bunch of food, although we still have SO much more.  I will be doing a lot of canning and packaging this week.  Today I finished canning all of our pickles (which is totally awesome because now I can feel comfortable giving away all the rest of our cucumbers, except a few that we want to eat now).  We have 3 quarts of hamburger dill, 3 quarts of bread and butter, 3 quarts of jamaican jerk pickles with chocolate habaneros, and 3 quarts of ghost pepper bread and butters.


We have to wait until Thursday to do more because we are out of lids and vacuum bags. My guess is that with what we have from yesterday we should be able to complete the squash  and zucchini, almost complete the zucchini bread, and the jalapeno jelly and almost all the frozen jalapenos.  I am excited that as the squash and cucumbers are going out the tomatoes and peppers are coming in.

I am also planting my fall plants in the next 2 weeks.  I am so excited!  

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