Today we do the perc test

The long awaited perc test is here!  Today at 2:30 we are digging a hole and putting water in it to see what kind of septic system we need. This is the first step in a three step process to get the sewage permit. I am more than just a little excited!!!

  • We had to rent a backhoe to dig the hole for the test so we made the decision to rent it for 2 days. That way we can get everything done that needs to be done on the property in that time. It’s gonna be a rough 2 days. We are putting in a road all around the property, leveling our driveway, digging our fall garden so I have somewhere to put my cool weather plants in the next 2 weeks or so, and of course the perc test. Whew!  I love getting stuff done!!  


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One thought on “Today we do the perc test

  1. Developing land to build a house on is a long journey, it looks like you guys are off to a great start. We did our perc tests two years ago for the house we are building. It is getting there but it is a long haul. Your lot looks pretty cool, I hope it goes well.

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