Things are slowing down.

The garden is slowing down. It’s a bit sad. The cucumbers are just about done, the zucchini are heading out too. I am not sure exactly what happened to the cucumbers, but we have way too many of them already to really care. We already canned all the pickles we want for this year. Everything we have left I am pretty much giving away. The zucchini have white powder mold. I could try and save them but instead we are just letting them go. We already have enough to save everything we wanted to. Same with the squash, although they still have quite bit of life left in them. The peppers are doing really well and still have a lot of life left in them, and a lot more peppers to give. The nice thing about peppers is that we can harvest them every 2-3 days and be ok. We are still nowhere near having as many as we would like to, but I have little doubt that we wont get there. The tomatoes are a whole other story. I am very disappointment in our tomato harvest this year. We have had about 15 tomatoes ripen so far this year. We don’t seem to be the only ones either. I think I have only heard about 2 people actually have a tomato harvest in this area. I am going to be so sad if they never ripen. Next week we are supposed to get some hotter weather. I am hoping the ripen more then. We may not get our 60 jars that we wanted. Truthfully I’ll be glad if we get 12. So disappointing.

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