Dancing in the rain

i did something very “hippie” today.  One time when we had run out of water C told me about someone we know showering in the rain. I thought it was a cool idea but nothing I would ever do. That’s crazy to shower outside in the open like that. We are currently running out of water and can’t get more until tomorrow night. I am afraid we are going to run out of water but I desperately needed to take a shower. This afternoon the skys opened up and rain came pouring down. I decided “what the heck”, took my shampoo and conditioner, stripped down and had a shower on the back porch of the cabin. At first I was so nervous. Trying to shower while hiding myself from… What… The chickens?  By the end of my half hour long shower I was just about dancing in the rain. There is something very freeing about letting go of your inhibitions and dancing naked in the rain. It makes me sad that you can see our house from the road when we get it built…..  

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