A New Dog

We are on the search for a new dog.  I know we had said that we didn’t want to get another dog after Lobo died but it seems that our local racoons have realized the dog is no longer there.  We have lost 20 chickens in the span of a week.  Our coop and chicken tractor are really solid.  They aren’t getting inside, they are reaching through and snapping their necks.  The other night they decapitated two chickens and tore the wing off of another.  Nasty things.  We talked about what the best course of action would be to control this and came up with getting another dog.  What we want is a large farm dog, preferably a puppy or at least fairly young so we can train it to not attack the chickens, or the children.  We also would prefer a rescue, which makes the last statement difficult to get.  I would rather save a dog than buy from a breeder and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for what is essentially a farm do  Don’t get me wrong, the dog will be allowed in the house. It will actually have an open door policy where it can come in and out as it pleases during the day and will be out at night.  This is what we don’t want:  we don’t want to get a dog just to get a dog.  The dog will be loved, cuddled, given good food, and spoiled, but we are not getting it for companionship.  This dog will have a job to do and if we don’t feel the dog will do the job we aren’t going to get it, regardless of how cute, friendly, playful, or “sad” it’s situation is.  We have some leads and hopefully will have a dog in the next month or so.  Wish us luck!!

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