The trip to buy trash bags

i have shared before that we only throw away about one bag of trash a month. We buy things in reusable containers or make our own stuff. We just don’t throw out that much. We are finally down to our last trash bag (after about 2 years). I go to the grocery store to get the cheap Kroger brand tall kitchen bags. My plan was to buy the 20 pack of tall kitchen bags which will last us a little over a year and a half. Apparently they don’t make these in the unscented version anymore. They have 2 scents available.  There is nothing better than my trash smelling like chemical flowery rancid trash. The only box of non scented trash bags were ones with twist ties (um no) or the 120 pack of the ones I wanted. C says “well, we could get the 120 pack and not have to worry about buying trash bags” to which I replied “for ten years!!”   That’s insane. Can you imagine not buying trash bags for 10 years?  I couldn’t imagine the $17 price tag.

Anyway,so then I was left with the conundrum of having to find a new kind of trash bag to buy. What a horrible thing to have to do. I finally settled on the new biodegradable kind. I like that they are compostable. As we walk away from the isle I read the side of the box “use the biodegradable bags within a year of purchase” good thing there is only 12 in a box!!  Hopefully things will be easier when we buy another set of trash bags…. In a year.

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One thought on “The trip to buy trash bags

  1. Scented trash bags and scented cat litter are both disgusting.
    I hope the biodegradable trash bags have an expiration date on them. How exactly do the bags know to not start biodegrading until a year after purchase?

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