Who says you dont need math?

C and I make a really awesome team. He is really good at the computer stuff while I am really good at the math stuff. It’s not that neither of us couldn’t do what the other one does, but we can do it so much faster as a team. C is spending the day working on the house plans.  When he comes across a section where he needs to input the numbers into the page he brings me what he has and I do the equations and hand him back the paper with all of the numbers filled out. 

It’s great because I absolutely love math, especially geometry, and this totally gives me my fix for the day. One of the things that makes us really good at our homesteading journey is the fact that we both can adapt really well to figuring out how to solve and fix most problems. We have enough basic knowledge on math, science, engineering, biology, mechanics, and animal husbandry to figure stuff out and the rest we just research and fill in the blanks. 

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