Some things to celebrate 

Tonight we do a little celebrating. What are we celebrating?  The almost completion of our house plans. We were expecting it to take 2 weeks to modify these house plans into what we wanted. Instead it took 48 hours of C locking himself in our room workin on them. There are still a few modifications that need to be made (adding closets, square footage, and modifying some wording) which should take minimal time to complete. The house looks awesome. It’s exactly what we wanted. C even added a huge pantry behind the kitchen, and because it’s underground it will also serve as a root cellar. I think the pantry is going to be half the size of the living room of the cabin we are staying in. That’s insane. 


Once we get everything finished we will post the actual files for free so other people can use them. 

We are also celebrating our 1 year anniversary of being a married couple. Happy 1 year babe!!  If you had told us last year that this is where we would be I would have laughed. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us.  

How are we celebrating?  I made homemade Bloody Mary mix. Nothing like Cherokee purple tomatoes made into a juice with jalapeños, and other stuff that makes a Bloody Mary, and vodka. It’s a great end to a very hectic week, although we misplaced our “juicer” some friends had given us so I had to strain my tomatoes another way that took WAY longer. It was worth it though. So totally worth it.we are also watching nature shoes on PBS cause we know how to celebrate!  



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3 thoughts on “Some things to celebrate 

    • They are so good. I make them from the tomato sauce I make from our roasted tomatoes. Run 2 jalapeños through a food processor with the sauce, salt, sugar, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce then strain it, chill, and mix with vodka. So good.

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