Being jobless

i wanted to update you all on the C job situation. Things here aren't as bad as they could be. They have actually been a lot worse. Thanks to some amazing friends of ours we were able to get C in at a temp agency. He works at a local stamping facility stamping out parts … Continue reading Being jobless


this project would be so much easier if we had a $20,000 loan.  Waiting to save money to move to the next step is HARD. We need $300 to submit the building plans. It's less than a week away but still.....  Then we have to wait to raise enough to pour concrete. Slowly but surely. 


Every once in a while I get a great reminder as to what we are doing and why.  I came across a meme on social media today that went on and on about how "the new American lifestyle" is to basically steal $75,000 from government assistance programs.  Being someone who has been, and is currently … Continue reading Dear America: FEED YOUR PEOPLE