we have had a major setback. It’s sad and it’s stressful but I am nowhere near as stressed as I feel I should be. 

For one C is much less stressed than he was at his job.  The constant fear of being fired was overwhelming for him. Also it’s really hard to work for someone you don’t respect. 

Secondly I look back at where we were at this point last year and I feel so blessed. God has done some amazing things to prepare us for this. We have almost a freezer full of food plus at least 50 jars and a garden we are still harvesting. The only thing we are missing at the moment is flour, yeast, butter, and meat, oh and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese is needed. Lol.  We got some game shot the other day but of course the squirrels are no longer in the hickory trees outside our house. I think tomorrow we will go looking for them. I’m looking forward to squirrel stew.  C can’t eat rabbit so we aren’t hunting them. We are really waiting for deer and turkey season. We would like 2-3 deer in the freezer. That and the squirrel and turkey should take care of our meat for a while.  

Lastly we have amazing friends. Last year we were trying to stay in our rented house and keep the lights and water on. Now we don’t have to worry about water or electric and our friends are letting us do odd jobs around their house to pay for this months rent. We are concerned about paying on his truck, our cell phones, and paying for the farm but it will be ok. I have faith that God has it. All in all those bills are about $1100 a month and we get about $950 without Chris having a job. We can do this. Everything will be fine. We have gone through so much worse than this. 

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