It’s been a while

i know its been a while since I have posted. I think I’ve almost been afraid to.  Nothing has changed other than the fact that it’s getting worse. C still doesn’t have a job. He applies to about 5-10 places a day. He has had 2 interviews so far. He even had someone help him update his resume so it looks more appealing.  He was working through a temp agency but they didn’t have any work for him after one week of working there.  He is applying for unemployment but we don’t know yet if that’s going to come through. I’m afraid we are going to lose the property we worked so hard to get. I’m getting together my resume today and applying places too. I haven’t worked outside the home in almost 8 years but right now we have to do whatever we can to get back on our feet. I’m also depressed. I’m trying very hard to not let it effect me but it is. We haven’t been out to the farm in over a week.  It’s been a downward spiral.  Even though we have a lot of food stored right now we are going to apply for food stamps so we can have the things we didn’t store, like flour, milk, oil, cheese, and butter.  My car battery keeps dying but we can’t afford a new one right now so C keeps jumping it whenever we need it. We have been using his truck (which actually is a nicer vehicle and gets better gas mileage) but the wheel bearing went out in it then other day (while we were driving it).  So we had to get that replaced. Thankfully it didn’t cost too much and Chris replaced it himself (on the side of the road in the rain). Although right now anything is too much. We are saving the check from the temp agency so we can pay his car payment next week. That gives us three more weeks from today to find another $180 to pay that. Hopefully one of us will have a job by then. Please pray that we do. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. I hope you find work soon. One thing about resumes these days, it’s not like it used to be where you just list work experience and schooling in date order. With hundreds or thousands of people applying for a handful of jobs these days, the companies don’t have enough resources to actually read all the resumes. Depending on what type of company you are applying with, many resumes are screened by computer that pick out key words, it also should be more of a marketing statement on yourself, like an ad. Why you? What can you do for them that others can’t? Good luck, it is tough out there,

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