we have of course been trying to save money. We needed to get more water the other day so we packed up and ran out to fill up the jug. We get all the way out to the water filling station and realize we had forgotten the pipe that connects their pipe to our jug. We had 3 options. 1) drive all the way back home and then back there, wasting precious gas 2) let the water try to flow into the small opening in the jug (wasting at least 3/4 of the water) or 3) try to ding something to act as a pipe. We went for option #3. This is what we came up with: 

Yes those are camp pants we found in the backseat of the truck they worked really well for what we needed. No wasted gas and very little wasted water. 

Today C is trying to fix the chainsaw so we can take down some of the trees in the driveway (our landlord is wanting to expand the driveway so it can drain better and be less treacherous.  It will also serve as firewood for us this winter. 

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