My love

im going to embarrass my husband. We may be going through a hard time. I know he is stressed that he cannot find a job. I’m a little stressed but i know he will do what he needs to do to support his family. He is a good man, the best i have ever known. He is a hard worker and incredibly loyal. There are two things he doesn’t stand for 1) employers who demand respect but don’t return it and 2) employers who are intimidated by intelligent workers. This second reason is the main reason why he needs to work for himself and why the farm is the perfect place for him. He is by far the smartest person I have ever met. He tends to think outside the box and is an amazing problem solver.  It’s hard for him to work for other people sometimes. Especially when they are intimidated by smart people.  I love to watch him work the farm. He’s really in his element there. He gets to work the land, build things, grow things, feel productive, and the best is that he gets to figure things out.  I know he is stressing about his job situation and I know it’s making him I’ll, but he is a good man. A very good man, and he will figure it out. He always does. And if he doesn’t then I will. 🙂

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