I’m here I promise!

He’s been about two weeks since my last post. It’s a little bit but I’ve been busy, but more that I haven’t really had much to say. We are still on the job hunt.  C was turned down for unemployment so we’re fighting that. Growing season ended and we had our first frost. We collected the last of the peppers all that we lost a lot. We still had plenty for ourselves though. We are getting by. I’m really glad that we’re able to save as much food as we did. We are hoping that he will have a new job by the end of the year.

My grandmother passed last week so will be making a trip down to Maryland as beginning of next month. It was expected she has been really sick.  It still isn’t something that I’m at all looking forward to. 

I’m really thankful to have the support of family and friends that we have especially when times are tough like this. I know they’ll come back up. They always do.

Hopefully soon we’ll have better news for you guys but in the meantime I’ll try and post more updates.

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