The election and other atrocities

We aren’t building on the house right now, so I have a little else to blog about my but thoughts on what is going on in the world in Kentucky. So let’s discuss the epic fail that was Kentucky’s election yesterday. Yesterday was the gubernatorial election for Kentucky. We had three candidates, The Republican Matt Bevin, the Democrat Jack Conway, and the independent Drew Curtis. With less than 30% of eligible voters coming out to vote Matt Bevin was the winner.

 Let’s look at these candidates. First will look at Jack Conway. From the beginning was basically a bumbling idiot. He had Little to say about the actual Kentucky government and how he would improve it and more to say about why he didn’t like Matt Bevin. What were his platforms? Well apparently he would do something with education and he was going to give a lot of money to different things without really saying where that money was going to come from. Definitely not the best candidate for Kentucky.

Now here’s Matt Bevin, the actual winner. Here is someone who from the very beginning said that he intended on removing people from the Medicaid system. How exactly he’s going to do this and maintain insured people nobody is entirely certain. It can be gathered that what he is intending is it to do is be like other states like Mississippi and Texas and just accept that there will be mass amounts of people now uninsured. How this will benefit the Kentucky citizens I’m not exactly sure because it won’t. And the weird part is the largest amount of voters for Matt Bevin came from the poor areas of Kentucky, the ones who benefited most from the Medicaid expansion. Talk about shooting ones self in the foot.

Now I know what you’re saying, “Well our options were this guy, and that guy, or not to vote at all. So I chose the lesser of the two evils or to not vote”. And the epic fail. (Dun dun dun). Because as few of you knew we had a third candidate. Why did many of you not know that we had a third candidate? Because there are people who pay millions of dollars for you to either not know that we have a third candidate or to think that voting for him would be useless. Well here is a little bit about Drew Curtis, the third candidate. The biggest problem we are facing in Kentucky right now is the possible loss of our government pension program including the teacher pension program. It’s not Medicaid, it’s not “the problems with the gays” that so many of you are on board with right now, and it’s not the issues of coal. Those are issues that at some point will be dealt with but the major issue facing Kentucky right now, the one that could break the system, is the pension program, which the other two candidates didn’t want to touch. Drew Curtis came in with an actual plan on how he could save the pension program. He also had great ideas on how to solve the coal problem, how to solve the massive poverty rates in the Appalachian area, how to increase minimum wage without causing small businesses to suffer, and how to solve the inefficiencies of Kentucky’s current government. Why didn’t most people know about this? Because he wasn’t allowed to be involved in the debates and he wasn’t listed on voting materials. He may not have been the savior of the state of Kentucky, but for those of you were voting for the other guy because he was the other guy, he was better than that.  Nobody is going to completely agree with their candidate 100%, but you should vote for the person who will do the best for the state.  He was an actual candidate with some answers. I had the opportunity to speak with him and when faced with questions that he did not have an answer to his answer was “I’ll have to talk to the people directly involved with that situation “. He didn’t have to talk to his people, he didn’t have to figure out what is party had to say, he’s going to go directly to the source and figure out what those people wanted. Isn’t that what politics should be?

So here’s the real question. We had less than 30% of eligible voters turn out to vote yesterday. If we had been able to get even 30% of those people who didn’t vote (that’s 30% of the remaining 60% or 18% more eligible voters *MATH!!*) to have faith in a third-party Drew Curtis could have won, and based on how many people I’ve spoken to who didn’t vote to because they didn’t like the two candidates this actually could have happened. So for those of you who voted for Matt Bevin because he’s a conservative Christian who doesn’t believe in gay marriage congratulations!  Be prepared to lose your government pensions, to have mass amounts of people without health insurance, And once again be known as the leader of the bigoted states. 

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