The cleanse: day 1

I need to feel like I have more control over my life. I’ve been progressing into a downward spiral of depression and self doubt (which will be a later post). I have been telling C that once we get approved for food stamps I will start my 10 day cleanse. We have had them since the 9th so it’s official:
3pm today started my official food cleanse.
Here are 3 truths about my food cleanse

1) it’s not really a cleanse, I mean it is, but it’s not. I am cutting out all processed foods for 10 days, which basically means I am cutting down on breads and the breads I am eating are ones I make out of whole wheat flour, absolutely no sugar, and only expeller pressed oils. Also no more splurging on junk foods or fast food restaurants. 

2) even though I say this is to “feel like I have more control over my life” it’s in no way an eating disorder. I have been looking forward to this cleanse for a while and I’m excited to get started. Also I’m not dedicated enough to ever have an eating disorder. My goal is to make it 10 days. The last time I did this I had more energy, felt so much better, and lost weight. I am looking forward to all these things.

3) for those of you who are worried about me because I am breastfeeding, don’t. This is so much better for me and the baby. You will see why as we continue on with this. 

So here are the rules: everything I eat must be able to be purchased at a grocery store or farm and not created in a lab. This includes all ingredients in every packaged food. All wheat must be whole wheat. No sugar, only honey and maple syrup, and only expeller pressed oils or butter. 

Here is the menu for tonight :

Whole wheat beef and mushroom hobbit hand pies. 

Broccoli and onion sautéed in lemon dill butter. 

I made enough hand pies to freeze another meals worth. Her is the grocery list for today:

1.5 sticks butter ($3.50 for a lb of butter)

Mushrooms ($4)

Spices I already had (salt, pepper, paprika, dill, thyme) ($0)

Whole wheat pastry flour ($5)

Onion ($3 for a bag)

Garlic ($.50)

Organic lemon juice ($7.50 for a large jar, we use lemon juice a lot)

Broccoli ($2 or so) 

Total $23.50 plus whole wheat flour, butter, onions, mushrooms, and lemon juice we have for later meals. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s meals!  

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