The cleanse: day 3

Day 3 is much harder. I’m starting to hit the brick wall of “There is nothing I can eat that I want”. 


2 cheese and egg whole wheat breakfast burritos. 

Then I had to take my 5 year old to the doctors which ended up taking almost all day and of course I brought snacks for the kids but not myself. I didn’t get back home to eat until after 3. I was a bit cranky to say the least. 


Tuna salad with walnuts (I thought I wanted tuna salad until I was eating it, very disappointing.) 


Buttered popcorn from the day before. Slice of Brie


C spoiled me with dinner. He made steak with blue cheese butter and sweet potatoes. Totally made my night, especially with how dissapointed I was with lunch. 

Today’s grocery list:

Tuna ($2.50)

Mayo (free, I make it myself with ingredients already on this weeks grocery list) 

Bulk raw Walnuts ($4)

Steak ($13, it was in super sale and there was enough for 2 nights worth)

Sweet potatoes ($5)

Blue cheese ($4)

Shallot ($.50)

Total: $29 and still a bunch of stuff we can use for later meals (sweet potatoes, blue cheese, walnuts)

I think the rest of the night I will be working on tomorrow’s meal plan so we don’t have another tuna incident. 

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