The cleanse day 5

Halfway there!  I’m really enjoying this (although I am finding myself to be a pain in the ass to others). 

I’m also finding that it’s a bit easier than I remember it being. I think it’s because the only thing that I really had to cut out was sugar and white flour and be more strict on packaged foods but I don’t normally eat packaged foods.  

Breakfast was boring again. I heated up the leftover pancakes and made some eggs to go with them. The whole thing was totally free. 

We have bible study on Thursdays in Louisville. I always treat the kids and I to an inexpensive lunch at Earth Fare. I made myself a salad (with simple organic salad dressing!!!  I was so excited) and bought the kids a kids grilled cheese with veggies and hummus. The whole thing was $9. 

I snacked on cheese and black beans when we got home. Black beans are so versatile. They can be a snack, main dish, or a side. I like to have black beans on hand all the time, just in case. 

Dinner  was one of my favorites. Curry eggplant. It’s made almost completely with vegetables from our garden. The only things missing are

plain yogurt ($1)
curry powder ($3)
and brown rice ($3) 

Total: $7 (plus $9 eating out). Pretty good I would say!  

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