The cleanse: day 6 & 7

It’s been a long and busy weekend. But the the main theme of this weekend is “and there it is!!”

Midway through the day on Friday I hit my reason for doing this cleanse. I was at lunch with a friend and I was stopped bring so angry. I couldn’t remember why i was angry anymore. 

So rewind to Thursday evening/Friday morning. A night Chris and I once again didn’t sleep at all. The 2 year old was up all night throwing up. Than woke at her normal time like nothing ever happened. She was her normal self. I was a zombie, which typically doesn’t make for a happy day, for anyone. 

I had leftover eggplant for breakfast, because there wasn’t enough for more than one person and I hate to waste food. 

I had been invited out to lunch with a close friend of mine. We ate at Harvest Cafe. The second time this week. It’s easy to eat there because of this:  

I had the egg salad again. It was delicious, again. I also had a soup. I think it was carrot and ginger bisque. Regardless it was absolutely delicious, and the baby really enjoyed it too. He ate half of it. 

Then came the hard part. I had my book club. Thankfully most people in my book club like to make their own food. I brought curried chicken salad so just in case i knew I could eat something. I also had lamb balls (balls of lamb and beef), baba ganoush, feta, and wine. It was an amazing evening of girl talk, book talk, and fun. I also had to miss out on this:  

But that’s ok because despite having to miss out on such a beautiful dessert I feel amazing. I have so much energy. I am so happy. I have found myself laughing at my husband’s silly jokes, I’m not screaming at my kids, and I survived Saturday. Saturday: The day of the full blown poops. I guess I caught whatever my daughter had. 

I made homemade hash browns with onions and cheese for breakfast and spent the rest of the day in the bathroom. My friend made me some peppermint tea which really helped my stomach to stop hurting but it didn’t help the other situation. C made hotdogs for him and the kids for dinner. I ate the small amount of chicken salad that was left over. 

Total for Friday and Saturday:

Chicken breast: $9

Raisins $2

Organic potatoes: $4

Cheese $2

Total: $15. Not bad. 

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