Day 9- the home stretch

There wasnt work for C today and Adin was sick so we had a late breakfast. I made eggs and toast for C and the kids for breakfast today. I didn’t have toast of course, I had plain yogurt with raspberries and honey. It was delicious and very filling. 

Raspberries $2

Plain yogurt $1

It’s been really cold here and with C being sick I have been in charge of keeping the wood burning stove running.  This means that along with waking 3 times a night to feed the baby I’m also running downstairs to put more wood on the fire. It’s worked well though. We have gotten through 2 nights of freezing temperatures. 

I’m still in a great mood today too. My brain seems to be working better. Instead of jumping to instantly yelling at the kids I am thinking of more productive ways of handling them first, which is helping them to behave better. 

I wasn’t very hungry after breakfast so I snacked on pistachios and drank coffee while at the coffee shop preparing my pink Saturday sale for my business. 

Pistachios ($13, we bought a massive bag that had been mislabeled by the store as “whole cashews”) 

C was feeling a little better so he made us chili for dinner. It was really hard finding a chili powder mix that didn’t have silicon dioxide in it, but astonishingly enough I found one. I ate a big bowl of chili, C even used both braised stew meat with the ground beef. It was delicious. 

Chili powder $1

Ground beef $8 (cut into 3 1lb portions)

Stew beef (free from the freezer)

Beans $4

Tomato paste $1

Total $30, with snacks and dinner for another night 

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